MBC 5 – Bottom line you gon’ get shot at

MBC 5 - Bottom line you gon' get shot at

We’ve been gone for a while, again, but we are back with another show.

In the News we talk about:

Gabe Newell
Look, we’re using a picture that does not make fun of the man’s size.

David Riley
david riley

Fable 3

We review Far Cry 2. Which features:


Awesome but gross healing animations

MBC 4 – I want your hat old man!

MBC 4 - I want your hat old man!

We return fashionably late again to review Call of Juarez 2: Bound in Blood – a.k.a. Game of the Year 2009 (we’re calling it OH LOL PUN).

Reasons why include:

Cowboys are fucking badass

Dual pistols are fucking badass

Showdowns are fucking badass

Rain shaders are fucking badass

Co-op is fucking bada- OH WAIT THERE IS NONE, SHIT

MBC 3 – Bitch I didn’t cheat!

MBC 3 - Bitch I didn't cheat!

We defy intense heat to discuss how quickly we got bored by The Sims 3 and why, debate Infamous vs Prototype based on the experience one of us has with one of these games, and Ralph gives us an update on his new laptop. Also, we try to figure out what the hell we are gonna talk about next time.


The triumphant return of cheesy blogpost images!

Because the extra work is totally worth it (not really but whatever)

The ins and outs of Simeon(?) relationships

Just look at her. You can’t even have tits that big in the game.


They aer grate.

Karate-kicking helicopters

It never gets old (yes it does NO SHUT UP IT’S AWESOME)

Hollow promises

Seriously, this was the first hit on Google.

MBC 2 – BAM there it is!

MBC 2 - BAM there it is!

We kick it L.A. style this week with some words about the most interesting stuff to come out of E3 this year, and a little preview of our forthcoming review of The Sims 3.

Said words may include:


…not nescessarily in that order.

MBC 1 – Thunderbirds are go!

MBC 1 - Thunderbirds are go!

Episode 1 of the new MightBeCreative podcast. In this show we will try to tackle topics related to game design, but we shake off the podcasting dust in this first episode with a nice freeform discussion about the new Team Fortress 2 update. And the Thunderbirds (awesome).

Discussed matters:

– Where the fuck we have been since the DinerCast stopped

– Tim’s spectacular mic tower (this is not a euphemism) built in order to be able to record this podcast properly

– The retro vision of society in 2065 according to Thunderbirds

– How much Acer customer service sucks ass

– TF2’s new unlock system fails miserably

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