MBC 3 – Bitch I didn’t cheat!

MBC 3 - Bitch I didn't cheat!

We defy intense heat to discuss how quickly we got bored by The Sims 3 and why, debate Infamous vs Prototype based on the experience one of us has with one of these games, and Ralph gives us an update on his new laptop. Also, we try to figure out what the hell we are gonna talk about next time.


The triumphant return of cheesy blogpost images!

Because the extra work is totally worth it (not really but whatever)

The ins and outs of Simeon(?) relationships

Just look at her. You can’t even have tits that big in the game.


They aer grate.

Karate-kicking helicopters

It never gets old (yes it does NO SHUT UP IT’S AWESOME)

Hollow promises

Seriously, this was the first hit on Google.

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